A gentle answer turns away anger

My goal for today: Put GENTLE back in my life!! When did it leave? Why did it leave? My heart wants to be gentle, it doesn’t want to be harsh and stir up anger– Proverbs 15:1 needs to be plastered on my forehead–that’s what they did in the OT, you know? They wrote it on the doorposts of their house, they “ate” it for meals 🙂 and they had a little pouch they wore on their head that would have in it a promise or admonition written (scrolled) down. If you do something for two weeks, it becomes a HABIT!! Hello, I’m going to DO GENTLE for two weeks–I’ll just have to write down the word GENTLE and I’ll know what it means, I’ll know. I’ve always been of the mind, it’s not so much what WOULD Jesus do, but what DID Jesus do

By The Par Family

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