How to Combat Worry

Today’s Sunday School lesson was just too good to not share


Everyone has at one time in his life or will some time . . . worry—pretty much a fact of life. Even Paul was worried about Titus not being in Troas when he arrived (II Cor. 2:12-13)—“I had no rest for my spirit, not finding Titus, my brother.”  Since it’s a given, how do we combat it when it creeps in?

Number one:   Confess it—it’s a sin to worry. It’s a cancer that should be gone after aggressively! When we worry we are letting our emotions control us when it should be that we are controlling our emotions.

Number two:   Change your unbiblical thoughts by:

  • Praying intellectually to God with requests AND pray with thanksgiving LISTING your blessings!!
  • Program your mind, your thinking–Philippians 4:6-9
  • Is it spiritually true?
  • Is it honorable to God?
  • Is it just, right—not sinful?
  • Is it pure, decent, moral?
  • Is it lovely? Sacrificial for the sake of others?
  • Is it of good report? Admirable
  • Does it have virtue? Morally excellent?
  • Is it worthy of praise?

Verse 8:    THINK

  • Present tense (active)
  • Middle voice (passive)
  • Imperative mood


  • God’s sovereignty
  • God’s care
  • God’s music
  • God’s Word


  • Tapes/literature
  • Bible reading
  • Memory verses
  • 3×5 card reminders
  • Christian Biographies
  • Fellowship of saints!!

Verse 9:   DO — Practice (habitually) Biblical obedience

Number three:   The result will be that God will send peace to your emotions.

By The Par Family

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