Strays and Ticks

Last night my son brought home two strays (no not the boys, they’re his

cousins–he brought them home that morning for a long weekend before he goes off to college).

They were working in the woods clearing out or getting it ready for hunting season and these two little puppies came up to them. The little white one is VERY weak and sickly, the dark one seems fairly healthy but both were TERRIBLY INFESTED with ticks. Oh, such awful little blood suckers perfectly happy sucking the life blood out of these sweet little puppies. (I wonder why Noah had to bring two ticks on his boat!!) So our gal Sal has two little puppies to take care of tonight and then tomorrow we’ll have to take them to the Animal Shelter. My son and his cousins painstakingly picked off hundreds, literally hundreds of ticks off those two little ones and gave them baths, fed them, took care of them. One day they are going to make GREAT daddy’s!!! They were seriously working hard on those two little puppies from 8:30 PM until 3:00 AM.

Update:  This afternoon we were finally able to get up with the Humane Society for our county and they were able to take them.  They’ll be taken care of now–and get the medical treatment they need–I wish we were rich,  lived on a farm and could have kept them ourselves. They were pretty sweet little doggies and didn’t even run away last night.

I was a stray once and had a bazillion ticks but Jesus rescued me.  Thank you Lord for taking the time to care for me, painstakingly pull out the ticks in my life and allow me to follow and obey you.

By The Par Family

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