Changing the theme a bit

I’m so inspired by the quilting, cooking, crafty 🙂 blogs out there that I’ve decided to add a bit of zip to my blog and start adding what I’ve made and/or just START blogging again; (lol) it has been a WHILE!!  Because I work from home, I’m at the computer a lot, so whether or not I am able to start back blogging on a more timely basis . . . we shall see.  Sent hubs off to golf by himself.  😀 I”m going to work out on the trampoline in the quiet of my home where there are no bugs, no heat rash and a dvr’d ROYAL WEDDING to watch while I jog. (yay)  Will post my latest project in a bit–time to clean the house first. Happy Friday! ❤

By The Par Family

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