Bathroom redo in spurts Part 1

We are at long last redoing our upstairs bathroom (the only bath in house with bath) These are before pics and “in progress” pics I’ve snapped with my iPhone (so handy) 😀

Picture 1:  How the ugly looked 🙂


Picture 2:  Ugly Bathtub but inside has already been primed (wish I’d taken a pic of how worn it was)


Picture 3: the commode is in the hallway–DO NOT USE 😀20110917-074902.jpg

Picture 4:  Painting started & pulling out sink


Picture 5:  Macho Man pulling apart vanity ❤


Picture 6:  Vanity out via Macho, macho man 😀


Picutre 7: Black grout on prior vanity makes for ugly stain on wall ugh


Picture 8:  Time to start on the floor


Picture 9:  Slate!!  Slate!!


Picture 10:  We’re on a roll now 😀


Picture 11:  2 cuts around the important hole in the floor 😀


Picture 12:  an eyesore that might take a while to fix –Right now we’re just going to texture paint the wall surround.  The contractor who built this house had really weird tile taste and wrapped it around stupidly and “un”Uniformly :p But da’ floor looks purty!!


Picture 13:  GROUT!! GROUT!! And I’m the one who washed it all up (mega hard work)


Picture 14:  Today I texture painted the sore spot and did some swirleys (after all it is a bathroom 😀 !! )

20110917-075226.jpgPicture 15:  Forgot to turn the light off but texture paint area that will be painted green.  Will probably later come down under the window with tile, but my real dream would be to rip out all tile in outside of the tub area and do bead board or large up to date tile. #IhateTheGuyWhoDidThisBathroom50YearsAgo (sorta)


Picture 16:  Hubs painted the bathtub today with first  coat of tub paint.  Fan employed to dry it so we can take a shower before church tomorrow morning. 😀 The congregation thanks you, fan.


Picture 17:  Tub without fan  Remember how ugly it used to be?


Picture 18:  Inside of tub–it used to be worn down to nothing w/rust spots around the drain


Stay tuned there’s more to come (yay)


2 comments on “Bathroom redo in spurts Part 1

    • Thanks, Gwen and Ha! Somebody else asked me that and I think my pat answer will be –it takes a year for us old folks to recuperate –lol — I now have muscles in places I didn’t need them :p Hope all is well with you and yours!!

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