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Sisters . . . sisters . . .

Consummate Fisher 😀

Beautiful Grandma

Hope your day was much blessed!!!

By The Par Family

Bathroom redo in spurts Part 1

We are at long last redoing our upstairs bathroom (the only bath in house with bath) These are before pics and “in progress” pics I’ve snapped with my iPhone (so handy) 😀

Picture 1:  How the ugly looked 🙂


Picture 2:  Ugly Bathtub but inside has already been primed (wish I’d taken a pic of how worn it was)


Picture 3: the commode is in the hallway–DO NOT USE 😀20110917-074902.jpg

Picture 4:  Painting started & pulling out sink


Picture 5:  Macho Man pulling apart vanity ❤


Picture 6:  Vanity out via Macho, macho man 😀


Picutre 7: Black grout on prior vanity makes for ugly stain on wall ugh


Picture 8:  Time to start on the floor


Picture 9:  Slate!!  Slate!!


Picture 10:  We’re on a roll now 😀


Picture 11:  2 cuts around the important hole in the floor 😀


Picture 12:  an eyesore that might take a while to fix –Right now we’re just going to texture paint the wall surround.  The contractor who built this house had really weird tile taste and wrapped it around stupidly and “un”Uniformly :p But da’ floor looks purty!!


Picture 13:  GROUT!! GROUT!! And I’m the one who washed it all up (mega hard work)


Picture 14:  Today I texture painted the sore spot and did some swirleys (after all it is a bathroom 😀 !! )

20110917-075226.jpgPicture 15:  Forgot to turn the light off but texture paint area that will be painted green.  Will probably later come down under the window with tile, but my real dream would be to rip out all tile in outside of the tub area and do bead board or large up to date tile. #IhateTheGuyWhoDidThisBathroom50YearsAgo (sorta)


Picture 16:  Hubs painted the bathtub today with first  coat of tub paint.  Fan employed to dry it so we can take a shower before church tomorrow morning. 😀 The congregation thanks you, fan.


Picture 17:  Tub without fan  Remember how ugly it used to be?


Picture 18:  Inside of tub–it used to be worn down to nothing w/rust spots around the drain


Stay tuned there’s more to come (yay)

Walking With God (and my iPhone)

Oh my, am I loving my iPhone? In a word . . . yes!  Loving the Bible app (youversion) because it SPEAKS the Bible to me in a wonderful, soothing  voice that I listen to when I do my trek through the house.  Wearing a pedometer, trying to get my 10K steps in (at least) a day, and listening to God’s Word.  WHAT can be better than that?!  Tonight I listened to Ephesians 5 through I Thessalonians 5 15 Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else.

 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.



By The Par Family

Adventures in Breadland

Yesterday I tried my own rendition of Ciabatta Bread after buying a pkg from Sam’s this week. I used the dough only mechanism on my bread machine and then followed the directions on how to make it Ciabatta–you can virtually use any recipe. I used 1 1/2 cups of warm water, 2 tsp yeast, 2 T sugar, 2 T Flax Seed, 2 T Olive Oil, 2 tsp salt, 1 c Whole Wheat Flour, 1 c Oat flour (pulverized Old Fashioned Oats) 1 c Bread flour.  Throw it all in your bread maker–I cured the yeast or whatever you call it, is it cured?  I let the yeast stand in warm water with the sugar to see if it would bubble (which means the yeast is still yeasty :p ) Selected “dough” on my bread machine and then waited for the bread machine to do its thing to the dough–> mixed, jiggled & raised.

I then followed the directions on how to turn it “into” Ciabatta bread by letting it sit 15 minutes with a bowl inverted over it, (after I rescued it from the bread machine) and then I separated it into loaves (I chose to make rolls) and then let it rise again 45 minutes in draft free environment. I set the oven at 400 degrees. I spritzed water on them a few times during the baking process. They came out with a perfectly crispy crust, chewy inside (Just how we like it)  

Bake at 400 on a stone pan if you can for about 20 minutes for rolls

This inside pic wasn’t focused very well, but it had good air pockets which you want in this type of bread.  YAY!  Total Yummsville

By The Par Family

Back to the old grind

Great time with the fam last week, golf every day for them at least once a day, most days twice a day 😀 Great vacation for hubs who needed it desperately.  Male bond time galore–I went once and walked with them–FUN!  Took pics (of course) Cooked, Went out to eat a couple of times, an overall very BLESSED week!  THIS week you ask?  Transcription, baby!  Working on my fourth one this week.  Thankful for work too.

By The Par Family

Changing the theme a bit

I’m so inspired by the quilting, cooking, crafty 🙂 blogs out there that I’ve decided to add a bit of zip to my blog and start adding what I’ve made and/or just START blogging again; (lol) it has been a WHILE!!  Because I work from home, I’m at the computer a lot, so whether or not I am able to start back blogging on a more timely basis . . . we shall see.  Sent hubs off to golf by himself.  😀 I”m going to work out on the trampoline in the quiet of my home where there are no bugs, no heat rash and a dvr’d ROYAL WEDDING to watch while I jog. (yay)  Will post my latest project in a bit–time to clean the house first. Happy Friday! ❤

By The Par Family

Still busy

God is good, life is good, work is busy, blogging has gone on the back burner.  Still busy with Sonny #3 acclimating to college life.  Will come back to it when I get a chance or a must blog inspiration.

By The Par Family

Vacation, vacation!

He who runs errands is now running to class instead!  We took our vacation (actually it’s the first real vacation we’ve had in 8 or 9 years) at the same time we took our youngest to college.  It’s his first year (Freshman) and because our two oldest also live in the same city it was a no-brainer to make it a vacation for us!  It was great to be with family and also to see our youngest well adjusted to “college life.”   I didn’t take one picture — don’t know what’s up with that–brought my camera, but everything was so casual and normal . . . relaxing that it just slipped my mind until the last of seven nights!!  DUH!

BTW–instead of feeling empty nest syndrome, my cup is FULL knowing that my son is where God wants him to be and so are we (though it took some drugs and handcuffs to get me back in the truck to leave–lol).

So back to the old grind this week–time to gut the house and do some deep cleaning and back hoeing in the son’s room . . . that ought to keep me busy until Thanksgiving 😉 !

By The Par Family

Strays and Ticks

Last night my son brought home two strays (no not the boys, they’re his

cousins–he brought them home that morning for a long weekend before he goes off to college).

They were working in the woods clearing out or getting it ready for hunting season and these two little puppies came up to them. The little white one is VERY weak and sickly, the dark one seems fairly healthy but both were TERRIBLY INFESTED with ticks. Oh, such awful little blood suckers perfectly happy sucking the life blood out of these sweet little puppies. (I wonder why Noah had to bring two ticks on his boat!!) So our gal Sal has two little puppies to take care of tonight and then tomorrow we’ll have to take them to the Animal Shelter. My son and his cousins painstakingly picked off hundreds, literally hundreds of ticks off those two little ones and gave them baths, fed them, took care of them. One day they are going to make GREAT daddy’s!!! They were seriously working hard on those two little puppies from 8:30 PM until 3:00 AM.

Update:  This afternoon we were finally able to get up with the Humane Society for our county and they were able to take them.  They’ll be taken care of now–and get the medical treatment they need–I wish we were rich,  lived on a farm and could have kept them ourselves. They were pretty sweet little doggies and didn’t even run away last night.

I was a stray once and had a bazillion ticks but Jesus rescued me.  Thank you Lord for taking the time to care for me, painstakingly pull out the ticks in my life and allow me to follow and obey you.

By The Par Family

How to Combat Worry

Today’s Sunday School lesson was just too good to not share


Everyone has at one time in his life or will some time . . . worry—pretty much a fact of life. Even Paul was worried about Titus not being in Troas when he arrived (II Cor. 2:12-13)—“I had no rest for my spirit, not finding Titus, my brother.”  Since it’s a given, how do we combat it when it creeps in?

Number one:   Confess it—it’s a sin to worry. It’s a cancer that should be gone after aggressively! When we worry we are letting our emotions control us when it should be that we are controlling our emotions.

Number two:   Change your unbiblical thoughts by:

  • Praying intellectually to God with requests AND pray with thanksgiving LISTING your blessings!!
  • Program your mind, your thinking–Philippians 4:6-9
  • Is it spiritually true?
  • Is it honorable to God?
  • Is it just, right—not sinful?
  • Is it pure, decent, moral?
  • Is it lovely? Sacrificial for the sake of others?
  • Is it of good report? Admirable
  • Does it have virtue? Morally excellent?
  • Is it worthy of praise?

Verse 8:    THINK

  • Present tense (active)
  • Middle voice (passive)
  • Imperative mood


  • God’s sovereignty
  • God’s care
  • God’s music
  • God’s Word


  • Tapes/literature
  • Bible reading
  • Memory verses
  • 3×5 card reminders
  • Christian Biographies
  • Fellowship of saints!!

Verse 9:   DO — Practice (habitually) Biblical obedience

Number three:   The result will be that God will send peace to your emotions.

By The Par Family