Welcome to my blog!  I’m not sure why I’m starting this blog except that I want an accountability to myself to have a deeper relationship with the Lord, and so I will attempt to be faithful in writing down what I’ve gleaned from my devotions. I’ve been saved, by the grace of God, Who chose me, which is something I can never get over and for which I am eternally grateful.  At the age of six I begged for forgiveness of my sins and became His, which simultaneously resulted in me repenting of (turning away from) my sins and promising to follow Him from that day forward. I should be a spiritual giant! I strive to make Him LORD of my life, but often other “daily” things creep in and I fail to do that abysmally.

One of the most important elements in a Christian life, along with the Great Commission is sanctification. For after all, how am I to win someone to the LORD if my life is in total disarray? Who’d want to be like me if I don’t constantly strive to be conformed to the image of His Son? (Romans 8:29b) This is where my church has had an INTEGRAL part in my life, and I believe it is an aspect that is sorely lacking in many churches today. Although I first and foremost go to church to worship (worth ship–God is WORTHY) the Lord, I also am privileged to have an expository teacher as my pastor who explains just what the VICTORIOUS Christian life is and how by the grace of God, I can achieve it so that I’m able to give an answer always for the hope that is in me.

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